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Laser Scanner

Laser Barcode Scanner

Built-in a powerful scan engine, the MS851 provides impressive speedy and accurate scanning performance in large working range from near to 4.5m(100mil code39). unitech MS851 rugged handheld laser scanner is the widest working range in this class which is ideal for a broad range of market applications such as document processing, retail and inventory applications. Intuitive and aggressive handheld scanning performance Featuring advanced laser scanning technology, the MS851 has the automatic scanning ability with a scan rate of up to 104 scans per second. It also has the ability to capture long range 1D barcodes, even damaged or poorly printed barcodes. This device enhances the workflow efficiency in an affordable price.   Easy to use Due to different operational modes: trigger mode and presentation mode, The MS851 can be used in the most practical way depending on the scanning task. This scanner can be configured via USB, and offers replaceable cables ensuring ease of integration. Equipped with a louder beeper and brighter LED indicators, the MS851 allows users to recognize the feedbacks easily even in dark environment. Compact but durable While sustaining a 2 meter drop to concrete, MS851 incorporated with IP42 rugged design for protection against dust and moisture. Moreover, the built-in long lifecycle trigger of 10 million times guarantees a continuous productivity for best reliability. This scanner can be used in the most practical way depending on the long range scanning task in various solutions in retail and inventory applications.   Features • Offers longer working range, a wider scan field, high-speed and sensitive scanning performance. • Support most standard 1D barcodes • Long lifecycle trigger design: Up to 10,000,000 times. • Ultra-rugged design : IP42 and 2m drop spec • Louder beeper and brighter LED indicators for easily recognizing feedbacks • Lightweight design: 147g without cable.  

Handheld Laser Scanner

Simple operation, user-friendly ergonomics and excellent reliability , the  Unitech MS837 hand-held laser scanner is ideal for a broad range of  market applications such as menu scanning, point-of-sale, document  processing, and inventory control.    With advanced laser scanning technology, MS837 has a longer working  range and a wider scan field than a typical CCD device. Pulsing-laser-line  switch allows users to easily target the desired barcode and complete  data transmission with the press of a single button that helps users to  operate efficienctly. It also saves operating time of the laser engine for  long up-time use. These powerful features enable users to operate  smoothly and keep maximum productivity.    Easy to set up, MS837 is available with USB and Keyboard Wedge  Interfaces. If you are seeking for high-quality and cost-effectiveness  device, then MS837 is the right scanner for you. Features ‧ Intuitive and aggressive handheld scanning performance  Offers longer working range, a wider scan field, high-speed and  sensitive scanning performance.   ‧ Reads all linear bar codes Reads all popular standard 1D barcodes and meets the requirements  of most application conditions.   ‧ High cost-effectiveness Enjoys superior performance at very competive price, the perfor- mance of a laser scanner bought at the price of a red-light scanner.   ‧ Ergonomic Design Fits comfortably in any user’s hands to reduce the fatigue of long-time  operation.

Rugged Handheld Laser Scanner

The Unitech MS840 rugged handheld laser scanner is a cost-effective and versatile device for a variety of applications such as retail, industrial and commercial services. The MS840 can be configured via USB, keyboard wedge and RS232 and offers replaceable cables ensuring ease of integration. With its powerful scan engine, the MS840 provides impressive speedy and accurate scanning performance in both reading and decoding data. To minimize down time, the MS840 is designed to meet 1.8-meter drop test at its IP42-rated housing. A rugged, yet ergonomic and lightweight, deign make this device very user-friendly. For applications in noisy environments, the MS840 features a clear beeper and green light ensuring operators never miss a read. With its minimal overall investment and ultimate flexibility and reliability, the MS840 offers an unbeatable bargain. Features: w High-performance laser engineand decoder w Supports all 1D barcodes; including GS1 Data barcode w Ergonomic design for maximum user comfort w Multiple scanning modes w Louder beeper for noisy environment operation w 1.8-Meter / 6-Foot drop test w IP42-rated