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Pen & Slot Reader

Pen Scanner

The MS100 bar code wand is targeted toward low reading volume and cost effective solutions. The advanced optics and electronic design convert bar code labels into a high quality digital signal. Able to read color, faded and low contrast barcodes quickly and accurately, the MS100 is a proven solution. Its shape gives the MS100 the comfort and handling of a conventional ink pen. Just sweep the tip of the wand across the bar code in either direction and listen for the "good read" beep that lets you know the data has been successfully captured. It doesn't get easier than that. Features : • Rugged, lightweight design • Easy to use and configure • Low power consumption • Wide read angle • High scan speed • User configurable via PC programming • Advanced Data Editing • Available with TTL, keyboard wedge RS232 and USB interfaces

Pen Scanner

Handheld barcode scanner. Their advanced optics and electronics design. Which converts a barcode image into a high quality digital signal, allows them to read color, faded and low contrast barcode labels quickly and accurately. The polished and smooth sapphire tip reduces wear on barcode labels. Moveover, thrie rugged, yet, lightweight stainless steel construction with strain relief, makes them well suited for heavy duty industrial applications. MS120 is decoded to support the PC/AT keyboard wedge and RS232. It accepts most commonly used barcode symbologies, scanned data formatting and function keys emulation. They are the ideal choice for your low cost barcode solutions. The entire series is FCC and CE approved. Features • Rugged, lightweight, and easy to use • Low power consumption, 37mA average • Wide read angle, 0 ~ 45 degree tilt • High scan speed, 5 ~ 75 cm/second • Replaceable tip

Barcode Slot Reader

The MS146 barcode slot reader applies for time control, security access, or attendance control applications with pre-printed forms and scanning cards or badges. It is also an ideal economic device either for desk-top or for multi-direction for side-mounted applications on the wall, which interface with all popular devices. The MS146 slot reader has a wide slot and features prefect read rates on high density labels with its resolution of 0.15mm. It's sealed optical system with IP54 rugged housing allows MS146 read the label in the harshest industrial environment without degrading its performance. Features ‧Sealed optical system with IP54 rugged housing ‧Wide barcode slot with flexible reading angle and higher resolution ‧Multi-direction for flexibility of installation ‧User configurable via PC programming ‧Compatibility with all popular computer and devices ‧Provide desktop or side-mounted application on the wall ‧Suitable for different cards of different dimension and printing qualities ‧Available with TTL, Keyboard wedge RS232 and USB interfaces ‧Advanced Data Editing ‧50 mm to 700 mm/sec Scan Rate ‧6 mil minimum resolution

Magnetic Stripe Reader

Delivering a reliable and compact magnetic stripe reading solution, MS242 reads up to 3 tracks of information when the card is swiped in either direction. The MS242 is the perfect MSR tool for applications such as point of sale, access control, banking, student ID and self-service applications. Reliable and Compact Design Enclosed in sturdy sheet-steel housings, MS242 is built with highest quality components for an extra smooth swipe. It delivers the most convenience to the user and the reading head lasts longer than 1 million cycles and ensures the data is captured on every swipe. The entire unit is just 100mm long, about the length of a credit card. It supports three tracks of magnetic stripe card data regardless of swiping direction and over a large speed range. Smart Flexibility The MS242 is available to be connected to any PC or Mac via USB interface and it is programmable so that the data format and output can be configured to match application and communication requirements. Embedded 2 mounting holes with brass threaded inserts Velcro strips in its base, it is allowed to be mounted onto a counter or another flat surface. Moreover, an LED indicator turns red to alert the user of a decoding error. The Unitech MS242 is an intelligent, programmable magnetic stripe reader that provides a full functionality and value in a convenient package size. Features Bi-directional card swiping Support single, dual or triple track cards With data editing function Compatible with all popular computers Easily desktop or wall mounted Compact space-saving design